Out of this world!

We finished up our theme “Transportation” last week on a sweet note!  We made traffic lights out of graham crackers and a little red, yellow, and green icing:-)

013 (4)     014 (3)

Now we are moving onward and upward to our next theme…SPACE!  They have played in a sensory bin with poms-poms that mimicked “planets”, made shooting stars, and water bottle rockets!  We sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” every day…they love it!!

002 (6)       005 (7)     007 (6)

032 (2)

More fun pictures to come that are “Out of this world”!  stay tuned:)


We learn through play!

We are already into our FOURTH week in Doobonim 2!  I wanted to take a minute and first, thank YOU, the parents!!  Your little ones are amazing!  They are all so sweet, well-behaved, content and HAPPY to be in class.  They have all adjusted extremely well to being in school and are flourishing.  And you all have done a great job  with keeping up with supplies and extra clothes they need and just creating wonderful children in general 🙂  So, thank you, thank you!

We have still been busy this week with our theme “Transportation”.  So far, we have made big yellow school buses, hot air balloons, airplanes, tractors and a train!

We sing “The wheels on the bus” and read “The Little Blue Truck” almost every day, to incorporate lots of transportation language to go along with our projects.

Sensory activities are a big part of learning for these little guys too!  We have driven trucks through sand, had water play with floating boats and go on lots of buggy rides, which mimics riding in a car.

005 (6)                                     022 (2)

                                Messy, FUN, Water play!!!                                                           They LOVE their buggy!

It’s not always about “work” around the class….your children LOVE to play…and are learning a lot while they do so!  Sharing, caring, cleaning up, colors, shapes, and they LOVE to read books and be read to!….maybe we do “work” a little while we play 😉

003 (4)      008 (4)     020

004 (4)      009 (4)

010 (4)     007 (5)     034

They also have a blast in our resource classes; P.E., Music class, Jewish studies and Science are so much fun…oh, and they learn alot too 😉

009 (5)                        011 (6)

                                                Fun with Coach Rebecca!  Sorry for the blurry pictures, moving around is a must 🙂

010 (5)           011 (5)

                                                                                                Music class with Miss Zina!!

Important Dates:

February 14, 11 am-Doobonim Shoobee Doobee Shabbat

February 17-NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day

February 28-Preschool Shabbat Dinner 5-7

Thank you again!

Ms. Billie 🙂

Vroom, beep beep and toot toot!!!

This week we said “good bye” to our Winter Theme; here are some pictures from the end of last week.  We painted with colored ice, which was beautiful!  But the children also loved to touch and lick their ice and we talked about how COLD ice was!  Brrrr!  We also made winter trees and used their sweet little handprints as snow on the branches and they practiced with glue for the first time to stick “snow” (cotton) on the ground 🙂

004 (3)       005 (4)      003 (3)

008 (2)      009 (3)

 “HELLLOOO” to our new topic…Transportation!!  We started the week off with a buggy ride…a form of transportation!  We talked about how the wheels rolled and could get them from one place to another.  We saw cars on our walk and even saw a big truck and a bicycle…all types of transportation!

054 (2)

We’ve also had some fun coloring our huge traffic light, using red, green, and yellow crayons 🙂  We also played in our indoor sandbox for the first time, getting dirty by driving trucks through the sand!

016 (3)    015 (3)    041 (2)

Stayed tuned!  We have a lot of fun projects and activities the rest of the week for this fun “fast” theme 🙂

Winter and TuB’Shevat!

Hello lovely Doobonim Families!  Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar:

Friday, Jan 17-NO SCHOOL-this is a teacher-in service day

Monday, Jan 20-NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Day

Monday, Feb 17-NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day

Friday, Feb 21-Doobonim/Kofim Shoobee Doobee Shabbat Program, 11am

Friday, Feb 28-Preschool Open House and Shabbat dinner 5-7pm


We had an amazing first week in Doobonim 2!  We finished the week with nice weather, which meant we were able to go on the playground!  Your little ones love to be outside, slide, swing and run around!

006 (2)          008         035

     041          036      009 (2)

We also go on nature walks where we get to look at different trees and point out any ducks, geese, or turtles we might see along the way!

023 (2)

We are still learning about Winter this week and your littles have enjoyed fun projects like making snowflakes out of tortilla’s!  We went next door to work with our older 1-year-old friends which was a special treat for them:)  I cut the snowflakes out, but, they really enjoyed sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar AND eating them!

 050         045       046     047      052

We are also learning a lot just playing in class!  Your littles are very interested in our peg board and are getting good at putting them in—yay for working on motor skills!  I also made some sensory bottles which they love to shake and look at, trying to figure out what’s going on in them…

021 (2)       018 (2)       016 (2)

015 (2)       019

We celebrated TuB’Shevat on Wednesday!  This is a Jewish holiday, Birthday of the Trees.  We have spent the last several Jewish Studies with Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel, talking and singing fun songs about the importance of trees and all they provide for us!  We even had Ilene from PJ Library come and read a story about trees and bring in a flower-pot for your littles to decorate…complete with a packet of sunflower seeds from Israel.  Plant these with your children and take pictures of the different stages of growth!  We would love to have pictures to put on a bulletin board:)  Print them out or email them to me:  doobonim2@dubowpreschool.org

Thank you for everything!  Here’s a few silly pictures of your sweet little ones:)

Ms. Billie

005 (3)      002 (2)     032

2014-New Year, New class!!

Hello Parents!  If you don’t already know, I am Ms. Billie, the lead teacher for Doobonim 2, and Ms. Katherine is the Assistant Teacher.  We are so excited and honored to be your child’s first teachers!  Doobonim 2 is off to a great start, and your children have done AMAZING this week!  They have met their new classmates and played so well together!  We have a fantastic room, set up with different learning/play stations that keep your little one’s thinking and having fun.  There is a music area, an adorable kitchen for make-believe cooking, a big, cozy cushion where we can snuggle and read books, and a big, foam climbing tower which your babies love to climb!

012 (2)009

 Your little one’s are also getting into great routines, like washing hands before snack and lunch and sitting down the WHOLE time for snack!  It’s not so easy for these busy wiggle worms and they are doing great!  We are also trying to get in the routine of cleaning up their snack stuff and cleaning up toys before we change activities.


Winter is our theme this week and boy was it spot on!  It was so cold..Brrrrr!!   We have done several activities to incorporate this season, including talking about why we wear our coats and hats when its cold outside.  We also made hand-print polar bears,  finger paint snowflakes, practiced putting “snow” (cotton balls) through paper towel tubes (great way to improve fine motor skills!), and we’ll make snowflakes out of tortilla’s for snack on Thursday!


Here’s some pictures of your little’s having fun!

006 002021