Still on Spring!

We are doing  another week of Spring because it was so much fun:)  We are reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the little ones love how it turns into a beautiful butterfly at the end!  We made some of our own caterpillars out of colored construction paper circles (all I did was put the glue on the back; they placed the circles on the paper all my themselves! )We colored some butterflies to go along with our story too.  They also made some gorgeous bouquets of flowers on paper out of their handprints:)

054 (4)             073 (3)


Science class was so cool this week!  We learned about solar power!  They had tiny cars with tiny solar panels on top and would drive around when the sun was shining on them!

046 (4)      041 (2)

Doobonim 2 wants to welcome a new little friend who just joined our class, another sweet girl, Kiya!  She has been fitting in with our little group famously and we are enjoying her sweet disposition:)

038 (4)    048 (3)    026 (6)

We have been learning a lot about Passover during Jewish Studies through singing songs and listening to Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel’s stories.  Our Model Seder is Wednesday, April 9 at 9:30.  Feel free to join us:)

Also next week the school will not be serving any hot lunches due to Passover, so please bring in dairy, nut-free, kosher lunches:)

Next week will be all about Passover!

035 (7)     056 (3)

Important Dates:

1.   Doobonim and Kofim Model Seder April 9 @ 9:30

2.  Last day of school before Spring Break is Friday, April 11th.

3.   Spring Break is from Saturday, April 12th – Tuesday, April 22nd.  School resumes on Wednesday, April 23rd

4.   Memorial Day–No School on Monday, May 26th





Spring has Sprung…Finally!

Hello Doobonim Family and friends!  We are so excited to see the season change….especially into beautiful and magical Spring!  We start off each morning with circle time and reading about rain and gardens and bugs!  We also pass around a sensory bottle we made with fake flowers sprayed with a peony sent…Mmmmm, they smell so beautiful..and just like Spring!

044 (3)           001

Circle Time Fun!!!

 039 (4)          040 (4)

We have been talking about all things Spring…the weather:  The sunshine and rain and how it makes the garden grow.  Also, about all of the different bugs that are out now and they help our gardens.  We have been out in the garden to plant our own parsley seeds (just in time for Passover!) and water our own little Doobonim Garden.  We made garden “worms” out of a paper plate (your littles love coloring and using the dotting marker!) and actually painted with a FLOWER!  This made for some beautiful abstract art:-)

048 (3)     049 (3)    050 (3)     051 (3)    053 (3)

056 (3)     038 (4)    021 (7)      023 (8)     026 (6)

024 (7)

Besides from all this learning, we have so much fun too!  Katherine and I adore each and everyone of your little ones and truly look forward to seeing them and spending time with them everyday:-)  One their favorite things to play with is recycled materials!  You could make one at home for them.  It’s great for fine motor skills and cause and effect.  Just take an empty baby wipe container and bottle caps (caps from large bottles, like apple juice jugs, so they’re not a choking hazard) and boom!  Insant fun by pushing the caps through the slot and trying to figure out how to get them out again!

002   003    004

Just having FUN!

 012 (8)    015 (7)   014 (6)

016 (5)   017 (5)    030 (4)

035 (7)     036 (5)    037 (4)

043 (5)

057 (4)  067 (4)    070 (2)

Fun With Coach Marla during P.E.!

041 (2)044 (2)042 (4)

Important Dates:

March 28-Deadline to register for Spring Break Camp

April 9- Doobonim and Kofim Model Seder at 9:30am

April 12-22-Spring Break

April 14, 17, 18-Spring Break Kids Club Camp Days

April 23-School Resumes


Ms. Billie

A “Colorful” week..

We had so much fun finishing last week off with our Purim fun!  We made groggers out of water bottles and beans and also made yummy hamantaschen!  Monday was super fun; your little ones looked so cute in their costumes and we had a special Purim celebration!

002 (3)    003 (11)      004 (8)025 (5)023 (7)

024 (6)    033 (3)    031 (5)

026 (5)

We started our week of “Colors” with coloring a rainbow together, making rainbows out of Q-tips and markers and working on a Color book, where we glued all red things on the red page, orange things on the orange page, etc.

036 (4)040 (3)058 (4)

059 (4)061 (4)062 (4)

063 (3)

Next week we start “Spring”!

Purim is coming!

Hello all!  We have had such fun themes these past two weeks!  We went from finishing up our circus fun last week to Purim this week!  We finished our circus fun with more crafts, games….and a JUGGLER came to visit us and gave us a show !  (A big THANK YOU to Ms. Silvia for setting it up!)

002 (2)      058 (3)     003 (10)

005 (3)

The Purim Carnival is this Sunday and we (the whole preschool) will dress in costume on Monday!(3/17/14)  To celebrate this holiday, we have been making crowns, masks and will make hamantaschen tomorrow..YUM!

012 (7)      011      075 (3)

Here are some other fun times we’ve had this past week.  Some outdoor fun in the courtyard and sandbox fun!

015 (6)    016 (2)    017 (4)

018 (5)    066 (2)    023 (6)

Upcoming Important Dates:

March 15-Gan Shabbat Purim Style!

March 16-Purim Carnival!

March 17-Purim celebrated in preschool-come in costume 🙂

Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Billie



Circus fun!

Hello Doobonim Families!  We’ve had such a fun week so far with our new theme…The Circus!  During circle time we read a book all about the circus and the different acts performed.  We also have a song we sing…

(sung to the tune of “Are you Sleeping?”)

Elephants walking, elephants walking

See the clowns, funny clowns

Ponies with their riders, poodles doing tricks

See the show, circus show

We even played Circus games today!  The weather was yucky, so, it was the perfect time to set up the indoor playroom and have some fun!  We had a “tight rope” station, a “ring-o-fire” station (the children tried to throw a stuffed tiger through a hula hoop), a juggling station and a bean bag toss.  We even made use of a wood cart to have “clown car” rides..the little ones loved it!


099      063 (3)      066 (2)

071 (2)       087      093


We’ve also made a fun clown mask with poms-poms and googley eyes, made a robot in Science (I have this displayed on our bulletin board!) and just general fun with crafts, coloring and play!  The First day of spring is not until March 20, but, I was excited to get some pretty flowers up on our season board!  We also made a Thank you note for the firemen who came to visit us last week 🙂

055 (2)     010     014

008     045     025 (5)

047 (3)     048 (3)      104

005 (3)      006 (5)      105

049 (3)     043 (4)    107


Important Upcoming dates:

March 9-Community University

March 9-Daylight Savings!  Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour 🙂

March 16-Purim Carnival! 10:30-1:00

March 17-Purim celebration in school-wear costumes that day!

Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Billie

Fire Truck Fun!

We have had such a busy week with our “Community Helpers” theme!  We made “garbage” sculptures (in honor of the AWESOME waste disposal men and women who make our community clean) with play-doh and some recyclables!  Your little ones loved this activity and spent a long time with it, fine motor skills at their finest 🙂

028 (3)      024 (4)    023 (5)

027 (4)     021 (5)     022 (2)

Next up, we talked about another community helper-The dentist!  We made a yucky, yellow “tooth” all clean with white paint…painted on with a real toothbrush!  Here’s the little ditty we sang to go along with this activity…sing it with them at home while brushing their real teeth!  It makes it so much more fun 🙂

(sing to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat”)

Brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth.

Give your teeth a treat.

Brush up and down and all around.

To keep them clean and neat.

Brush them once.

Brush them twice.

Brush three times a day.

Brush up and down and all around.

Keep cavities away!

043 (3)    042 (3)       040


Next up…Firemen!  These community helpers make such a difference, and we have talked about how they rescue, fight fires, and drive those big red trucks with loud sirens.  We have been reading a fun book all about firemen at circle time each morning.  Then, thanks to Ms. Silvia in Doobonim 1, we got to see a real fire truck and meet fire men today!  The little ones loved it!

    052 (2)

060 (2)     069      078

Thank you again to Ms. Silvia for setting up this awesome interaction for our students!

Here’s some other random pictures from our week 🙂


Learning about Purim with Morah Miriam in Jewish Studies!


The teddy bear collage outside of our room!


Our neighbor Doobonim friend trying on the firemen boots

050 (2)

Rocking fun!!

Just some important dates and upcoming events:

  Preschool Family Shabbat Dinner on Friday, February 28th from 5:45 – 7:00 pm.

2.  National Read A Loud Day on March 3.  If any parents, grandparents or siblings want to come read to our students that day, please contact me!  They would really enjoy it 🙂

3.   Community University will be on Sunday, March 9th.  (Check your child’s folder for more information on this exciting family interactive day of learning!)

4. Purim Carnival will be on Sunday, March 16th from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Please help by signing up to volunteer your time and talents to this wonderful event.)

5. Purim Celebration in the Preschool will be on Monday, March 17th!  Everyone come to school in costume!!!

Thank you parents!  You’re the best 🙂


Ms. Billie


Community Helpers

Hello Doobonim families!  We started this week off with our new theme, “Community Helpers”.  We have already made some fun handprints that we will turn into little firemen, and colored a police car, all while talking about the loud siren noise they make and the help they provide to people.

Your little ones are really flourishing!  They are very aware of the routines we have established, like all going to the mat when we tell them it’s “Circle Time”.  Some of them even start clapping right when we sit down, because they know we will sing our name song, “Higgly, Biggly, Bumblebee”, like we do every morning before starting our story of the day 🙂

022 (4)      023 (4)

All sitting so nicely for Circle Time!

They are also learning to share and work as a team!  We built a castle with the help of almost all of the girls, working on some great motor skills at the same time 😉

020 (3)

Building a castle!

024 (4)

Cleaning up the blocks with Ms. Katherine 🙂

We had our class picture today and I’m pretty sure the photographer got at least one picture with all the children looking at the camera 😉  The girls all looked so pretty in their dresses!

030 (3)      033 (3)      026 (3)

029 (3)     028 (3)

035 (4)         036 (2)

037 (2)

I snapped a quick picture after the photographer took his photo; here’s a sneak peek!

031 (3)

We have been singing a taxi song with the kids, as part of our “community helpers” theme.  Here’s a clip of it; it’s very short and easy to remember, just something you might want to sing with them at home!

Thank you again for all you do!


Ms. Billie

Still in Space…

Hi Doobonim families!  We have been so busy in our little class!  We are still learning and talking about our theme “Space” and we have been practicing for our upcoming Shoobee Doobee Shabbat show, which is THIS Friday, February 14th!  In addition to these events, we have a new friend in our class, Yael!  She has a made a great addition to our little class of ALL girls 🙂  Here is a look at our week through pictures:

018 (4)

Our new friend Yael 🙂

  035 (3)

Lunch with friends 😉

034 (3)

Story time with Ms. Katherine

033 (2)         032 (3)      029 (2)

031 (2)        030 (2)

Fun In P.E.!

028 (2)

Adding stickers to our Starry Night!

 004 (6)

Making footprints to make “rocket ships”

  014 (4)

Watching Mr. Greg Shoot rockets in Science!

   044      022 (3)

042 (2)      043 (2)

Sibling Love!   Two of our classmates have big brother’s they get to see on the playground:)

045 (2)                 046 (2)

                                             Feeding the baby tea ;-))                                       Some of our “space” projects!

February 14:  Doobonim/Kofim Shoobee Doobee Shabbat Program @11

February 17:  NO SCHOOL-President’s Day

February 28:  Preschool Shabbat Dinner 5-7pm

March 16:  Purim Carnival!

March 17:  Purim celebrated in Preschool-Lets all wear our costumes!

purim flyer-3