December News

Happy Hanukkah to All!

We’ve had a very busy time between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Both performances have come and gone but our class shined like the little stars they are for their part in the performances!

Ms Heather has been keeping us on our toes with lots of new things to learn in science class. From friction to making candles to Mars rovers and exploratory play. We never know what’s going to happen next! One thing is for sure though, we always have fun in Ms Heather’s class.

Ms Emily has been wonderful with our Music class. Slowly we are learning the songs and routines, though our favorite is still the shakey eggs and when Ms Emily lets us play her bongo drums at the end of class.

We had Farm animal week when we made feather ducks for art, played with farm and animals and farm houses for centers, and sang animal songs at circle time too.

Hanukkah preparations kept us the most busy this month though. We hope that you like the Dreidel card Hanukkah present that our children worked so hard to make for you. They really did a great job! We also made our latke costumes that we wore for the Hanukkah Performance. We decorated a giant dreidel together too! Have you seen in the front hallway of the preschool? We used water color paints to paint Hanukkah pictures and also colored Menorahs and made sponge paint Hanukkah picture and frames, which are hanging outside our room.

We’ve noticed in the last month that our little friends have grown up quite a bit! They are talking more, helping more, following the rules better, cleaning up at clean up time and throwing their napkins in the trash and putting cups away after snack all by themselves! And of course the most exciting part is that our friends are starting to communicate a lot more too! We hear more new words every day and new signs and gestures are emerging as well from our more shy children. This is the part that makes having them in our class the most rewarding of all. Seeing them grow, change and learn. We are so grateful to be allowed to experience this with you! We appreciate all that you do as parents for us and our little friends.

Winter break is coming soon, so this will be our last newsletter till the end of January. The new year is sure to bring many new and exciting things and we can’t wait to see what our days at school hold for us in the future!

We hope that you and your families are enjoying a festive holiday season and want to wish all of you a Very Happy Hanukkah! Can’t wait to see you all in the new year!

Ms Mariya – Lead Teacher Doobonim 2
Ms Jennifer – Assistant Teacher Doobonim 2
And all our little friends in Doobonim 2




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