Happy Passover!

Boy has it been a busy week!  With preparing for our Model Seder and being the last week before Spring Break, we have have been going, going, going!

We hunted for the afikomen when Ms. Ilene from P.J. library came to read us a Passover story and made a seder plate!

002 (6)      003 (12)

012 (8)

We also made “clouds” by gluing cotton Balls:)

005 (6)

We also had an awesome Science class where we shot off rockets with water pressure!

017 (5)

Fun outside!

013 (7)      015 (7)   014 (6)

Eating from our “Seder” plates today!

021 (7)    022 (6)   023 (8)

Thank you for all you do!  Hope your Spring Break is amazing!


Ms. Billie

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