Spring has Sprung…Finally!

Hello Doobonim Family and friends!  We are so excited to see the season change….especially into beautiful and magical Spring!  We start off each morning with circle time and reading about rain and gardens and bugs!  We also pass around a sensory bottle we made with fake flowers sprayed with a peony sent…Mmmmm, they smell so beautiful..and just like Spring!

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Circle Time Fun!!!

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We have been talking about all things Spring…the weather:  The sunshine and rain and how it makes the garden grow.  Also, about all of the different bugs that are out now and they help our gardens.  We have been out in the garden to plant our own parsley seeds (just in time for Passover!) and water our own little Doobonim Garden.  We made garden “worms” out of a paper plate (your littles love coloring and using the dotting marker!) and actually painted with a FLOWER!  This made for some beautiful abstract art:-)

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Besides from all this learning, we have so much fun too!  Katherine and I adore each and everyone of your little ones and truly look forward to seeing them and spending time with them everyday:-)  One their favorite things to play with is recycled materials!  You could make one at home for them.  It’s great for fine motor skills and cause and effect.  Just take an empty baby wipe container and bottle caps (caps from large bottles, like apple juice jugs, so they’re not a choking hazard) and boom!  Insant fun by pushing the caps through the slot and trying to figure out how to get them out again!

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Just having FUN!

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Fun With Coach Marla during P.E.!

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Important Dates:

March 28-Deadline to register for Spring Break Camp

April 9- Doobonim and Kofim Model Seder at 9:30am

April 12-22-Spring Break

April 14, 17, 18-Spring Break Kids Club Camp Days

April 23-School Resumes


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