A “Colorful” week..

We had so much fun finishing last week off with our Purim fun!  We made groggers out of water bottles and beans and also made yummy hamantaschen!  Monday was super fun; your little ones looked so cute in their costumes and we had a special Purim celebration!

002 (3)    003 (11)      004 (8)025 (5)023 (7)

024 (6)    033 (3)    031 (5)

026 (5)

We started our week of “Colors” with coloring a rainbow together, making rainbows out of Q-tips and markers and working on a Color book, where we glued all red things on the red page, orange things on the orange page, etc.

036 (4)040 (3)058 (4)

059 (4)061 (4)062 (4)

063 (3)

Next week we start “Spring”!

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