Purim is coming!

Hello all!  We have had such fun themes these past two weeks!  We went from finishing up our circus fun last week to Purim this week!  We finished our circus fun with more crafts, games….and a JUGGLER came to visit us and gave us a show !  (A big THANK YOU to Ms. Silvia for setting it up!)

002 (2)      058 (3)     003 (10)

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The Purim Carnival is this Sunday and we (the whole preschool) will dress in costume on Monday!(3/17/14)  To celebrate this holiday, we have been making crowns, masks and will make hamantaschen tomorrow..YUM!

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Here are some other fun times we’ve had this past week.  Some outdoor fun in the courtyard and sandbox fun!

015 (6)    016 (2)    017 (4)

018 (5)    066 (2)    023 (6)

Upcoming Important Dates:

March 15-Gan Shabbat Purim Style!

March 16-Purim Carnival!

March 17-Purim celebrated in preschool-come in costume 🙂

Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Billie



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