Fire Truck Fun!

We have had such a busy week with our “Community Helpers” theme!  We made “garbage” sculptures (in honor of the AWESOME waste disposal men and women who make our community clean) with play-doh and some recyclables!  Your little ones loved this activity and spent a long time with it, fine motor skills at their finest 🙂

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Next up, we talked about another community helper-The dentist!  We made a yucky, yellow “tooth” all clean with white paint…painted on with a real toothbrush!  Here’s the little ditty we sang to go along with this activity…sing it with them at home while brushing their real teeth!  It makes it so much more fun 🙂

(sing to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat”)

Brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth.

Give your teeth a treat.

Brush up and down and all around.

To keep them clean and neat.

Brush them once.

Brush them twice.

Brush three times a day.

Brush up and down and all around.

Keep cavities away!

043 (3)    042 (3)       040


Next up…Firemen!  These community helpers make such a difference, and we have talked about how they rescue, fight fires, and drive those big red trucks with loud sirens.  We have been reading a fun book all about firemen at circle time each morning.  Then, thanks to Ms. Silvia in Doobonim 1, we got to see a real fire truck and meet fire men today!  The little ones loved it!

    052 (2)

060 (2)     069      078

Thank you again to Ms. Silvia for setting up this awesome interaction for our students!

Here’s some other random pictures from our week 🙂


Learning about Purim with Morah Miriam in Jewish Studies!


The teddy bear collage outside of our room!


Our neighbor Doobonim friend trying on the firemen boots

050 (2)

Rocking fun!!

Just some important dates and upcoming events:

  Preschool Family Shabbat Dinner on Friday, February 28th from 5:45 – 7:00 pm.

2.  National Read A Loud Day on March 3.  If any parents, grandparents or siblings want to come read to our students that day, please contact me!  They would really enjoy it 🙂

3.   Community University will be on Sunday, March 9th.  (Check your child’s folder for more information on this exciting family interactive day of learning!)

4. Purim Carnival will be on Sunday, March 16th from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Please help by signing up to volunteer your time and talents to this wonderful event.)

5. Purim Celebration in the Preschool will be on Monday, March 17th!  Everyone come to school in costume!!!

Thank you parents!  You’re the best 🙂


Ms. Billie


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