Community Helpers

Hello Doobonim families!  We started this week off with our new theme, “Community Helpers”.  We have already made some fun handprints that we will turn into little firemen, and colored a police car, all while talking about the loud siren noise they make and the help they provide to people.

Your little ones are really flourishing!  They are very aware of the routines we have established, like all going to the mat when we tell them it’s “Circle Time”.  Some of them even start clapping right when we sit down, because they know we will sing our name song, “Higgly, Biggly, Bumblebee”, like we do every morning before starting our story of the day 🙂

022 (4)      023 (4)

All sitting so nicely for Circle Time!

They are also learning to share and work as a team!  We built a castle with the help of almost all of the girls, working on some great motor skills at the same time 😉

020 (3)

Building a castle!

024 (4)

Cleaning up the blocks with Ms. Katherine 🙂

We had our class picture today and I’m pretty sure the photographer got at least one picture with all the children looking at the camera 😉  The girls all looked so pretty in their dresses!

030 (3)      033 (3)      026 (3)

029 (3)     028 (3)

035 (4)         036 (2)

037 (2)

I snapped a quick picture after the photographer took his photo; here’s a sneak peek!

031 (3)

We have been singing a taxi song with the kids, as part of our “community helpers” theme.  Here’s a clip of it; it’s very short and easy to remember, just something you might want to sing with them at home!

Thank you again for all you do!


Ms. Billie

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