Still in Space…

Hi Doobonim families!  We have been so busy in our little class!  We are still learning and talking about our theme “Space” and we have been practicing for our upcoming Shoobee Doobee Shabbat show, which is THIS Friday, February 14th!  In addition to these events, we have a new friend in our class, Yael!  She has a made a great addition to our little class of ALL girls 🙂  Here is a look at our week through pictures:

018 (4)

Our new friend Yael 🙂

  035 (3)

Lunch with friends 😉

034 (3)

Story time with Ms. Katherine

033 (2)         032 (3)      029 (2)

031 (2)        030 (2)

Fun In P.E.!

028 (2)

Adding stickers to our Starry Night!

 004 (6)

Making footprints to make “rocket ships”

  014 (4)

Watching Mr. Greg Shoot rockets in Science!

   044      022 (3)

042 (2)      043 (2)

Sibling Love!   Two of our classmates have big brother’s they get to see on the playground:)

045 (2)                 046 (2)

                                             Feeding the baby tea ;-))                                       Some of our “space” projects!

February 14:  Doobonim/Kofim Shoobee Doobee Shabbat Program @11

February 17:  NO SCHOOL-President’s Day

February 28:  Preschool Shabbat Dinner 5-7pm

March 16:  Purim Carnival!

March 17:  Purim celebrated in Preschool-Lets all wear our costumes!

purim flyer-3

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