2014-New Year, New class!!

Hello Parents!  If you don’t already know, I am Ms. Billie, the lead teacher for Doobonim 2, and Ms. Katherine is the Assistant Teacher.  We are so excited and honored to be your child’s first teachers!  Doobonim 2 is off to a great start, and your children have done AMAZING this week!  They have met their new classmates and played so well together!  We have a fantastic room, set up with different learning/play stations that keep your little one’s thinking and having fun.  There is a music area, an adorable kitchen for make-believe cooking, a big, cozy cushion where we can snuggle and read books, and a big, foam climbing tower which your babies love to climb!

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 Your little one’s are also getting into great routines, like washing hands before snack and lunch and sitting down the WHOLE time for snack!  It’s not so easy for these busy wiggle worms and they are doing great!  We are also trying to get in the routine of cleaning up their snack stuff and cleaning up toys before we change activities.


Winter is our theme this week and boy was it spot on!  It was so cold..Brrrrr!!   We have done several activities to incorporate this season, including talking about why we wear our coats and hats when its cold outside.  We also made hand-print polar bears,  finger paint snowflakes, practiced putting “snow” (cotton balls) through paper towel tubes (great way to improve fine motor skills!), and we’ll make snowflakes out of tortilla’s for snack on Thursday!


Here’s some pictures of your little’s having fun!

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